Polka the pig is directly translated from the Swedish word ‘polkagris’, which also happens to be a very typical Swedish candy. Polka the pig is a is a gluten free shot and the product is a part of our Creatures collection. Polka the pig has a fresh flavor of peppermint and a beautiful pink color. The correct translation would probably be ‘polka sticks’ or even ‘candy canes’ but we prefer our version.

Overall, Sweden is a country with a good reputation. The people are friendly, we are in the front of the tech movement and the country has been voted “world’s greenest”. Needless to say, Sweden takes some of the most crucial global questions very seriously – and of course, so does Nobeco. However, we do believe there is always room for a laugh, a smile or a funny comment. In Sweden we have a lot of funny expressions and, like any other country, a lot of local sayings, dishes, candy etc. Inspired by the humor and language among the Swedish people, we created Polka the Pig and Lucyfur as the first creatures in our collection of little monsters.

Available sizes: 50 cl
ABV: 20%
Gluten free: yes
Vegan: yes


Chilled shot (or not!)

We recommend that you put the bottle in the fridge until it’s slightly chilled (If you forgot to put it in the fridge, no worries! Polka the pig tastes exceptional whether it is chilled or room temperatured. We just thought we at least should recommend one or the other to make it easier for you).

Then, pour 4-6 cl into a shot glass and enjoy the fresh taste of Polkagris (peppermint)!

The bubbly pig

4 cl Polka the Pig

Sparkling wine

Pour 4 cl Polka the pig into a champagne glass. Fill up with your favorite sparkling wine and voilá! You have the perfect drink to serve your guests.