What is Nordic Beverage Company?
Nordic Beverage Company, or Nobeco, is a Swedish company operating primarily within the wine and spirits industry. As we control the entire production process, we strive to always keep sustainability in mind in all aspects of the business. A goal of ours is to act as a modern company, always considering the latest trends as well as building a range of brands and products that will live over time. We believe that alcoholic beverages and an active lifestyle necessarily don’t need to be two separate ways of living, but a healthy balance is the key to a long and happy life. This is reflected in our brands as well as our relation to our employees, partners and customers. A substantial part of our focus lies within innovation and to constantly strive to meet our customers’ demands and expectations. We thrive in a creative environment and get inspired by amazing people around us.

Nordic Beverage Company was initially a family-owned business, the brainchild of a mother and daughter duo with a shared passion for beverage trends and quality wine. Nordic Beverage Company is now owned by R&F Travel Retail, one of the biggest distributors of travel retail products in Northern Europe, and our products are represented both in the domestic market and within travel retail.

What does Nobeco do?
The brands within Nobeco will be represented in a number of markets across the globe. The production company produces products from guidelines and instructions given by Nobeco, which then define the global marketing strategy and adapt the strategy to the local markets.

The portfolio
Nobeco will produce a number of SKUs, but the core range consists of affordable products with a premium look and feel. Products that our consumers should feel confident about putting out on display, whether they are having a quiet dinner or a raging party. Besides the core, the range will consist of several trendier products such as flavored gin and fun shots. In addition to that, Nobeco will produce a number of premium products that are clearly separated from the first launches. Our firm belief is that consumers will not stop drinking alcoholic beverages, despite the current “health trend”. However, we will take it into consideration and produce products with a lower alcoholic content as well.

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