Have you ever tried a slice of orange with a couple of drops of tabasco? If you have, you have a clue of what Lucyfur tastes like. If you haven’t, well, you’re in for a treat!

Lucyfur is a shot bottled at 20% ABV and she is a part of our Creatures collection. The product is produced and bottled in Sweden and it’s made from organic alcohol. Lucyfur is inspired by the burning gates of hell and the nine lives of a cat. As you might notice the word is a misspelled version of Lucifer, the name of the devil. The legend says that he couldn’t stand the company of anyone other than his cat and naturally he didn’t see fit to give her any other name than one inspired by himself. Lucyfur’s nine lives sure come in handy when her master loses his temper…

The color is deep red and Lucyfur has a spicy flavor of chilli that is slightly balanced with a hint of sweetness from fresh oranges. All products in our range of Creatures are gluten free.

Available sizes: 50 cl
ABV: 20%
Gluten free: yes
Vegan: yes
Made from organic alcohol


Chilled shot (or not!)

We recommend that you put the bottle in the fridge until it’s slightly chilled. However, Lucyfur tastes exceptional whether it is chilled or room temperatured. The spiciness from the chilli pops even more when it’s not chilled. The decision is yours! “Smaken är som baken”, as we say in Swedish.

Then, pour 4-6 cl into a shot glass and enjoy!

Burning Tonic

4 cl Lucyfur

Tonic water

Pour 4 cl Lucyfur into a tumbler glass. Fill up with your favorite tonic water and there you go! The perfect drink for any occasion.